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Canada Holdings is a multifaceted “Support Services” company designed to enhance professional efficiency and ease your journey in Canada. It offers personalized email management through its virtual assistant services, expert guidance on digital form completion, meticulous professional translation services for various documents, and comprehensive support for newcomers to Canada, connecting them with essential resources and expert advice. This company is dedicated to ensuring smooth and successful personal and professional integration into Canadian society.

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Committed to your success

At Canada Holdings, we streamline your transition and growth in Canada with comprehensive services ranging from email virtual assistance to professional translations and specialized advice for new residents. We are committed to your success, providing you with the necessary tools and guidance for effective personal and professional integration into Canadian society.



virtual assistant

Maximize your productivity with our virtual assistant service. Receive daily, weekly, and monthly summaries of your emails, ensuring you don’t miss anything important. We manage and inform you about your appointments, keeping your schedule up to date. Receiving emails in another language? No problem, we translate them for you. Plus, we draft responses following your instructions, ensuring clear and professional communications. All this is integrated into an efficient service designed to optimize your time and simplify your email management. Discover the peace of mind of having a virtual assistant by your side!

Comprehensive digital form solutions

Facing difficulties with online forms? Our “Comprehensive Digital Form Solutions” service is here to help. We specialize in guiding you step-by-step through any type of digital form, whether for government procedures, job applications, educational enrolments, or any other online process. Our expert team will assist you in understanding and following instructions clearly and accurately, ensuring your form is completed correctly and without complications. With us, you can navigate any digital procedure with ease and confidence. Let us be your ally in the digital world and make filling out online forms a simple task!

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Professional translations

Discover accuracy and reliability with our “Professional Translations” service. Specializing in various documents, from driving licenses and driving histories to medical and legal texts. Our translations are recognized by IRB, IRCC, CBSA, MTO, among others. We focus on accurately reflecting the original content, ensuring your documents meet the highest quality standards and are accepted wherever necessary. Choose “Professional Translations” and ensure the success of your international procedures. With us, language barriers fade away!

Comprehensive services for newcomers

Welcome to “Comprehensive Services for Newcomers,” your gateway to a smooth and successful transition in Canada. We offer direct links with highly trained and qualified professionals, including lawyers, accountants, and real estate agents, ensuring you receive expert advice at every step. Additionally, we facilitate access to social and educational assistance programs, providing essential guidance on your new journey. With our support, you’ll navigate the Canadian social and professional landscape with confidence. We’re here to turn the challenge of a new beginning into an enriching experience. Let “Comprehensive Services for Newcomers” be your reliable guide in this new stage of your life in Canada!

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